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Collingwood Research provides redistricting, demography, data analysis, survey research, and other contract-based research to local governments, federal and state government agencies, non-profit organizations, campaigns, and civil-rights organizations. 

Our Services

Our Services


We analyze racial demographic trends: where people live; how populations shift over time; and how demography shapes elections, housing, policing, and local policy outcomes.

Racially Polarized Voting Analysis

We examine whether racially polarized voting (RPV)—when voters from different groups vote differently—is present in a political/governmental jurisdiction. RPV is a key component of demonstrating violations of the U.S. Voting Rights Act. 


We develop electoral districts designed to ensure fair elections, equitable representation, and electoral outcomes that comply with the standards outlined by federal and state voting rights laws.

Expert Testimony

We provide data-driven expert reports and testimony in litigation to empirically evaluate the presence/absence of racially polarized voting or other racially discriminatory policies.


Our work integrates a range of data analytic techniques, including: conventional statistical analysis, web-scraping, text analysis, machine learning, geocoding, and statistical software development.


We identify the specific factors that will sway voters using methods such as maximum-difference (maxdiff), factor analysis, segmentation analysis, and text classification of open-ended survey responses. 

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