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David Lopez Amaya

David Lopez Amaya has spent most of his life in the state of New Mexico and is truly a New Mexican at heart. He enjoys spending time with his family and Husky dog, Daisy, and watching sunsets over the Sangre de Cristo mountains.

My Story

David Lopez Amaya is a research assistant at Collingwood Research and works closely
with Dr. Collingwood in map and plan creation, data collection, racially polarized voting
analysis, and community of interest planning. David is also an undergraduate student at the
University of New Mexico, double majoring in Political Science and Spanish and minoring in
Economics. As a college senior, David intends to pursue a career in academia, seeking to receive
a doctorate’s degree in Political Science in the near future. David is also a life-long resident of
Northern New Mexico where he enjoys his community’s rich culture and natural beauty.


I'm always looking to connect. Please get in touch. 

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