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This Malibu lawyer is changing how California votes

William D'Urso - Spectrum News 1

May 24, 2021

Kevin Shenkman’s Malibu law practice is a long way from his Detroit roots. Far from his days boxing in New York City’s storied Gleason’s Gym, where he went 2-0 in light heavyweight matches that earned him little more than cab fare and beer money.

Since he’s come west, Shenkman has emerged as a force in California voting rights law, both celebrated and despised.

A decade into a career he never planned on, he’s in the midst of perhaps his biggest case, a pitched battle with the city of Santa Monica which has now arrived on the desk of the State Supreme Court.

"It’s clear at-large elections benefit Anglo whites and is a clear disadvantage to minorities." - Loren Collingwood

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