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Sean Long, M.A.

Sean enjoys hiking the San Gabriel Mountains and deserts north and east of Riverside, CA, where he currently resides. In addition, Sean enjoys taking care of his foster dogs.

My Story

Sean Long, M.A., is a research associate at Collingwood Research, and works closely with Dr. Collingwood in the collection and processing of data that gets incorporated into maps, and other complex statistical analyses. Sean is also a doctoral candidate in political science at the University of California, Riverside. Sean is a skilled statistical programmer, who has experience using causal inference methods, machine learning, voter file geocoding, ecological inference, and GIS. Substantively, Sean’s research interests focus on understanding White racial politics and California municipal politics. Sean is also interested in local racial representation, having co-authored a publication with Dr. Collingwood, “Can States Promote Minority Representation? Assessing the Effects of the California Voting Rights Act” in Urban Affairs Review. Beyond his substantive interests, he is passionate about political methodology, especially computational statistics, and data science. Before entering his PhD program, Sean analyzed energy policy and markets for various employers and as an independent consultant. This research included analyses of gasoline prices, furnace efficiency standards, and emissions regulations.


I'm always looking to connect. Please get in touch. 

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