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Stephen Omar El-Khatib,M.A.

Stephen Omar is a recent transplant to Michigan, but will always be a proud Southern Californian at heart. In his free time Stephen Omar enjoys playing soccer, hiking, camping, and playing board/video games with his partner Alexandra Vazquez (who is a PhD in Clinical Psychology).

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My Story

Stephen Omar El-Khatib, M.A. is a Data Scientist at Collingwood Research.  He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Riverside, where he focuses on American Behavioral Politics.  Stephen also holds a M.A. in Political Science, an M.A. in Social Science and Globalization Studies, a B.A. in Social Science, and a B.A. in Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture.  Aside from his work at Collingwood Research, Stephen also serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor of American Politics at Claremont Graduate University where he teaches courses on research methods, statistics, American politics, and religious politics.


At Collingwood Research, Stephen Omar works closely with Dr. Collingwood in data collection and processing, primarily focusing on Racial Polarized Voting analysis and the development of the eiCompare R Statistical software.  Stephen Omar is a skilled programmer in R, with extensive experience in statistical modeling, survey experiments, web-scraping, machine learning, and graphic design.  Stephen Omar has worked as a consultant on numerous projects ranging from targeting and outreach to voting rights cases. 


Stephen Omar’s personal research focuses on the politics of race, immigration, and ethnicity through the lenses of behavioral and comparative politics; specifically, his existing and continued work evaluates discrimination, public policy, and political psychology.  In his dissertation “Morality and the Marginalized” he investigates the link between personal morality and support for policies designed to benefit minority communities.  Stephen Omar is primarily inspired and driven by his experiences with inclusion and discrimination as a bi-racial, first-generation Arab-American Muslim.


I'm always looking to connect. Please get in touch. 

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