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WCCUSD Proposed Maps

This page provides West Contra Costa Unified School District, CA, proposed maps. Each map contains five trustee seats: pdf files, block equivalency files, shape files, and interactive maps shaded by citizen voting age population demographics. Shape files include district boundaries, blocks with demographic data, high school and elementary school attendance zone boundaries.


Map 1

Map 1 is similar to the existing temporary single member district map.


Map 4

Map 4 is similar to Map 3, with District 5 expanding further east, and some minor adjustments at the border between District 4 and District 1.


Map 2

Map 2 adjusts the current map by moving a part of Eastern District 3 into District 2, and parts of the Iron Triangle neighborhood into District 3.


Map 3

Map 3 wraps parts of Richmond and the areas between Pinole and San Pablo to generate District 2. District 3 expands a bit more to the lower left. District 4 heads west and south into Richmond.

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