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Local district elections open doors for minorities in Orange County cities

Joe Nelson - The Orange County Register

October 12, 2020

In the past six years, 151 cities across California have shifted from at-large to district elections to give minorities a more level playing field

In November 2018, Costa Mesa made history when voters for the first time elected a Latino to the City Council. In fact, three Latinos were catapulted to victory on the seven-member panel in that landmark election.

But it wasn’t an overnight, dramatic shift in demographics that shook up the political landscape in Orange County’s eighth largest city, which is two-thirds White. Rather, it was a change in how voting is conducted, and reflected a movement that has been coursing through California since 2014.

“In some cities, the effect will be a bit larger and some a bit smaller, averaging out to 10-12%.” - Loren Collingwood=


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